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Alligator strap how to maintain?

by:Simai     2020-10-21
Some people may say that the crocodile leather strap so expensive, in the process of use at ordinary times should be how to maintain to make the crocodile leather strap with longer? Now by our professionals to do one by one.

crocodile leather watch strap maintenance method in general, the material of leather watch strap can be divided into the crocodile, lizard skin, shark skin, ostrich skin and leather, etc. , price from 2000 yuan to 1, 5, 6000 yuan, however, no matter what kind of material of the strap, Dai Jiu would have bad smell, or hardening of the phenomenon, if can take appropriate way of maintenance, right to master the principle of 3 s, will be able to extend the leather strap over half of use fixed number of year, and the maintenance procedure completely, can diy, do not need to delegate, both economic and affordable.

the so-called 3 s principles, means the use and cortex ( 皮肤) Compatible lotion, soft, 软) Wet cloth, fast ( 很快) The natural air-dry. Usually avoid strap contact with water, wet carelessly, should as far as possible, such as dry again later on, in order to avoid stink; Sleep is the best band in the open air, let the cortical cells open breathing; Winter strap hardening degree is bigger, is easy to have a curved shape, then don't reflex, lest hurt cortex. In addition the dust on the strap, usable and clean after wiping cloth with a little water in ventilated place dry naturally.

if the belt wearing it for a long time, the smell is very heavy, so little brush dipped in a little soap and water are available, and quickly to scrub clean the dirty place, then quickly rush clean with clear water, reoccupy does cloth to wipe, and then apply some oil (leather Skin sensitive, the back is advised not to use any agent) , the cleaning process is best done in 10 to 20 seconds, in order to avoid soap water infiltration and influence cortex. Belt table maintenance of speaking was not difficult work, as long as the ordinary a little more care, can let you love table lengthen your life, why not?
wearing leather strap seems to be very popular, and wrist home wears soft and comfortable. Many people Dai Gang belt table appear allergic phenomenon, but wearing a belt this body caused by allergic reactions can be avoided, another said it also seem to be very fancy, it is also being a watch with a selection of objects.

so, it is recommended that the original collection of alligator strap pluck up, another article in the other quality is also done calfskin strap to wear, or with less as far as possible in the summer, winter can take more time. At ordinary times can wipe to strap colorless sheep oil, especially in the long term without collection before this like wearing shoes, maintain maintenance and don't come down for a long time the effect is different. Wearing watches when harvesting and bolt connected, action should be slow gentle, avoid energetically inconvenient; In the band often fixed position after bending, don't reverse the back plate; with hard objects such as desktop often friction, can make the watch strap surface accelerated wear and lose luster, this should pay attention to avoid. Wear crocodile don't too tighten the wrist strap, should moderately loose a bit, in order to reduce the erosion of contact with skin and sweat. Again good cortex, attentive caress, again also could not prevent the ageing of leather, have been found fracture of strap, will not hesitate to do change in time, tattered leather strap can reduce the appearance quality and the grade watches a lot of, MianMuJieFei aside, and may cause the hidden trouble of the lost watch.
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