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Alligator strap with a leather strap how to distinguish?

by:Simai     2020-10-20
On the market, the crocodile leather strap most easily confused with a crocodile grain leather strap. Because of crocodile grain leather watch strap price is low, it can have a crocodile pattern decoration. Often some businesses on the market with a crocodile leather strap as crocodiles from sales, so everyone is necessary to know the difference between the two.
the difference between a crocodile leather strap and leather strap method
in the first place, a crocodile grain leather strap is that taking the crocodile grain mold in leather belt suppression and become, because manufacturers generally to compression cost, normally just a set of mould, so a brand's crocodile grain cow leather belt is a commonly pattern style. But really crocodile leather strap pattern is all different, even if a brand is a model of a batch of a few crocodile leather watch strap pattern is also different. Because of the crocodile pattern like the palmprint, is totally natural, has a natural, so each crocodile pattern is unique. Materials from different parts of the a crocodile, output of strap pattern is different.
second, inside the crocodile big bamboo texture, there are many small irregular texture. It is also a natural leather from machine pressure texture characteristic. However, machine pressure lines is a rigid lines, lines on both sides is the imitation of crocodile skin cutin 'bumpy' black stripes.

the last is 'hot'. New alligator watch strap texture soft, flexible, not rigid. New cowhide strap is a bit tough, not a crocodile with elastic. In addition, the alligator strap has a 'expensive gas,' paint level higher than general belt, crocodile leather strap, after all, is a luxury, cow leather belt is only practical implements. Leather strap crocodile grain do again good also only 'imitation'.
wearing leather strap need to pay attention to the details of the
wearing leather strap will increase as the wearer YaQi field, can highlight one gentleman grade and temperament style, common have a crocodile, real leather, lizard, material is qualitative soft skin, two fitting for fashion business.
must pay attention to is that the summer heat is the weather always sweating, leather strap met sweat corrosion or compounds long stage, will be brittle hard, brittle, hair on the belt to stationary small ring is also very easily broken. For the way of maintenance is clear, natural ventilation, keep dry. Cater to carpus, comfortable to wear leather strap.
1, avoid to touch water and wet, prevent mildew and deformation.
2, prevent long-term exposure to the sun, prevent discoloration.
3, prevent chemical and skin care products touch with greasy feeling, prevent mildew.
4, bracelet accidentally wet, dry before wearing.
5, winter bracelet YingDeHua level is very big, don't have to 'fold' damage the cortex.
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