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Different material strap daily wear

by:Simai     2020-10-14

1。 About steel/metal bracelet daily wear and maintenance advice

audemars royal oak offshore type 42 mm timing clock

- About chain gap formation processing

in order to prevent dust, daily cleaning, should be paid attention to when wearing a table such as long time exercise suggest remove love table, contact the sweat and dust to prevent the chain. If there is a dirty mark bracelet, please confirm watch waterproof function in good conditions for simple scrub with a toothbrush. At the same time also welcome Abby guest come to Shanghai, nanjing west road boutique, Abby maintenance division would provide cleaning services with professional ultrasonic equipment.

how to prevent the metal bracelet fracture

all the metal bracelet Abby have unique design and special technology processing, general is unlikely to produce this kind of situation. In daily wear, the most important thing to notice is try not to let love table by external impact or knock against.

- Questions about the precious metal material of the strap color

audemars hundreds of years the focus to the study of the precious metal material, so Abby precious metal style watch won't appear angry problem.

- About daily wearing a steel strap is formed after sweating problems of grey stains

daily wear steel strap sweat formed gray stain is mingled with the dust of the sweat sticky on the table, wash clean can.

- Questions about the metal strap to wear

as mentioned earlier, please cherish your love during daily wear. If have serious wear and tear, Abby official after-sales service center to provide you with the exterior renovation services, can make your love table appearance to look brand-new.

- Whether metal bracelet needs regular maintenance and repair also

if worn for a long time, serious wear and tear, and requires professional maintenance and maintenance. Now need to check the chain link between, if wear serious, affect the connection requires replacement parts, also need to give the connection screw do to prevent the loss of processing technology.

- Metal strap can increase or decrease their operation link

not advising clients to their operation, the reason mainly has the following three points: first, the customer lack of professional tools and equipment; Second, when need to make special defense technology in the connected components processing; Third, without professional skills training, there is the risk of scratch bracelet, also easy to cause the watch appear fall off during daily wear.

- Metal strap worn and maintenance advice

first, daily wear metal table should be paid attention to when away from the corrosive liquid. Second, once found strap section, clasp links and function is abnormal, in order to prevent the strap off damaged or lost, please timely to Abby boutiques or service center for testing and maintenance.

2。 About the everyday wear leather strap and maintenance advice

audemars royal oak offshore type 42 mm timing clock

- Everyday maintenance advice

leather strap in the wear process is prone to come into contact with sweat, or other liquid such as 'color', 'stale' and 'bad', and so on and so forth. Therefore suggest that pay more attention to keep the band during daily wear dry and clean, avoid contact with the liquid. If in contact with the liquid, such as caught in the rain, advice immediately with a clean towel to wipe, and then to dry or use the warm air drying. Pay special attention to, the drying temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant.

- About the service life of the leather strap

the service life of the leather strap is associated with wearing habits and the local climate conditions. If wearing habits good, more care when wearing, usually one to two years to replace a strap. If wet environment, the life of the leather watch strap will be corresponding discount.

- About the quality of the leather material are used to Abby appraisal

the alligator watch strap from Abby use farmed crocodiles, is provided by the designated suppliers comply with laws and regulations, every alligator strap when imports have corresponding CITES certificate.

3。 Daily wear and maintenance advice on rubber watch strap from

audemars royal oak offshore type 44 mm timing clock

rubber strap has its unique advantages, such as water proofing property is good, suitable for summer or wear in high humidity environment. It is worth noting: if rubber strap has the aging situation, please change in time.

4。 Table loose button can repair

to depending on the specific cause of the clasp is loose, loose caused by slight deformation generally can adjust it for free.

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