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Emperor rudder _ wristwatch maintenance and cleaning method

by:Simai     2020-10-15

wearing leather strap is very popular now, that is why it is soft, break and comfortable, but also avoid the like wearing a stainless steel strap nickel metal seeping cause allergic reaction to human body, moreover is high class. So, pay attention to people tend to be favored with leather strap.

the design and color of leather strap class is multifarious also, there are Crocodile Crocodile, Lizard, Lizard skin, Cow leather, Ostrich Ostrich skin. The most common is cow leather strap. Shall be sturdy, leather strap than metal strap must be dying. The life of the normal wear leather strap is 2 - 3 years, so, maybe it was a 'consumable'. But one thing is for sure, as long as normal wear and do careful maintenance at ordinary times, can greatly improve the service life of it, this is the same reason and wear leather shoes.

maintenance method

and other leather, leather strap, the most taboo is water for a long period of time in the water, leather strap will harden brittle, including people's sweat. So never able to wearing a leather strap watch go swimming ( Or do the contact with water for a long time) Sweat soaked retting, for a long time, it can make the strap mould stale. If special love sweating, it is not suitable for wearing a leather strap. In addition to the hot season, are suitable for wearing a leather strap, so many people have two metal and leather strap, in the cold day for epithelium, the change of metal in the summer. And compare carefully, to watch the original import strap off, and with domestic quite a strap to substitute other specifications, these all can yet be regarded as a coup.

strong sunlight for a long time, can make the leather watch strap surface color decoloring, also can accelerate the aging of cortical, certain chemicals will make the strap surface color change color or discoloration; And wear pull too hard, often fixed position in strap also prone to cracks, ( The bigger the easy fracture band bending rate) So wearing a strap should also be careful as light slow some.

better strap, strap, two edges are sewing thread; Low some basic are use glue to close, watch strap touch water, Sweat) Or after mildew, which does closed position is the most easy to glue. Does if found to have glue or surface cracks have appeared, will immediately change, in case of lost because of this table.

the belt strap hard when the leather strap to wear for a long time, in addition to produce peculiar smell, 'hardening' are common symptoms. If the watch strap is often in a wet environment will accelerate its hardening speed, perspiration will erode cortex, let the strap deformation, hardening and even fracture, somehow the cause of wrist watch is lost or hurt. So in addition to diligently at ordinary times maintain, the strap hardening don't twist it is absolutely necessary, timely replacement strap. With a little money for beautiful and pleasant appearance, and can avoid unnecessary loss, kill two birds with one stone, why not?

don't always wear a belt table, such as more than two tables can replace the best. Cortex needs to breathe, ventilated environment can prolong the service life of strap, wearing a different table ( Belt) , not only can reduce the risk of human injury, also can make the strap to get sufficient rest. In addition, the wear of belt table itself is a process of constant wear pull, if don't fuck it naturally every day can accompany you a long time.

clean method

clean leather strap, you can use a damp soft cloth 'detergent' to wipe the surface of the temperature zone and then quickly dry cloth stained with water, then dry in a cool place. General leather oil can be used for leather strap and maintenance, it is best to every one month after strap to wipe clean, and then use 'be' ( A common leather protectant) Do some cleaning maintenance.

the sweat on the leather strap damage as far as possible not to sweat with largest will shorten strap life extremely fast so in addition to the usual don't take the time to put in dry and ventilated the shade in the leather strap is faulty toothbrushes toothpaste wash belt medial attention quickly wipe with dry cloth to wipe dry immediately after a few times, also can use vinegar is wiped, gently a few times with iron through the cloth.

but strap odor produced is the belt of the embarrassments of the wearer. When strap produce peculiar smell, with a toothbrush with a bit of soap and water, scrubbing the dirt quickly, with a slightly damp cloth to wipe again can. The whole process to avoid soap water seeping into the cortex, the best is completed in 20 seconds. Besides oil consumers can also put some in the strap, leather, leather oil has protective effect to the strap, can let more complete maintenance work.

cannot be washed with water if the strap is often in a wet environment will accelerate its hardening speed, perspiration will erode cortex, would fracture with no deformation, hardening and even when it's dry in ventilation the shade band when smell clean with a toothbrush toothpaste belt inside quickly wipe with dry cloth to wipe dry immediately after a few times.

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