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How to clean metal strap?

by:Simai     2020-10-15

strap is an important part of the watch, to do a good job of maintenance cleaning strap is very important. The strap on market is given priority to with leather straps and metal strap, introduces the maintenance cleaning leather strap post already have many. But very little on metal strap have special maintenance cleaning method. To do this is to introduce the metal strap cleaning and maintenance methods.

how to clean the metal band

1, personal cleaning

the strap removed, adding an appropriate amount of detergent, first soak for 10 minutes, and then with a soft toothbrush MAO scrub. After rinse again, electric fan to dry.

faults: not clean, easy to rust, not enough professional easy damage to a wristwatch.

2, professional cleaning

the strap removed for cleaning, the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, add detergent cleaning fluid is clean water, based on the degree of the dirty dirt serious is going to do a few times more clean, then rinse, drying of electric fan.

weakness: take a fee.

how to maintain the metal band

1, the first thing you need to regularly check the strap between section and shell belt between the pin and spring bolt, prevent slipping out or wear, often appear, will repair or replace in a timely manner.

2, strap discount the most problematic, this also peace when wearing, open the mitigation action should be closed.

3, gold-plated watchcase strap of Swiss watches, suggest to wear in summer, or winter change belt.

4, K gold or gold plated watch band, to avoid contact with mercury chemicals, single jersey gloves at ordinary times, try to do more on the surface of the brush. Some white K gold watchband, its surface rhodium plating, cannot do grinding, otherwise it will leak out the color yellow.

5, tungsten steel watch strap to prevent hit and large torque.

cleaning and maintenance matters needing attention

1, personal washing time shoulds not be too much, easy to cause certain damage to the wristwatch.

2, in the process of cleaning, no matter how carefully, there will be weeping, if let the watch body into the water for cleaning strap but thed loss outweights the gain, if worry that such a case, or for professional cleaning.

3, metal strap if wet ( Water, perspiration, etc. ) Without treatment is easy to rust. Metal rust or dirt easily by joint effusion dirty clothes, and even cause skin allergy, so after washing with water or remove the table, please remember to dry cloth will be the joint and then put it on. Moreover after diving watches ashore, rinse immediately with water.

4, K gold material strap because material is qualitative soft, hit or inappropriate touched easily cause scratch, in addition, the transportation exhaust in the life, such as swimming pool chlorine or body sweat will let K gold color. Keep watch band dry, careful to wear placed at the same time, and as high hardness of titanium or high-tech ceramic table, also must pay attention to avoid collision or fall, hard, after all, do not represent hardened.

that is metal strap cleaning and maintenance methods, although the metal strap than leather strap durable, but also had better not to relax its maintenance. In short, in ordinary life, must be careful care and maintenance, professional cleaning wristwatch, to make you love table always compliments for you!

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