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How to correctly choose the crocodile leather strap?

by:Simai     2020-10-22
Believe that a lot of people in the first time and not familiar with merchants to buy a watch or watch strap, like search about the crocodile leather strap and leather strap knowledge to learn how to distinguish. Now's the time for everyone to do one by one by our professionals.
correct choose and buy the crocodile leather strap
1. Alligator strap will look more luster.

2。 Crocodile leather strap is that taking the crocodile lines of mould in leather belt suppression and become, because manufacturers generally to compression cost, normally just a set of mould, so a brand's crocodile grain cow leather belt is a commonly pattern style. But really crocodile leather strap pattern is all different, even if a brand is a model of a batch of a few crocodile leather strap pattern is also different. Because of the crocodile pattern like the palmprint, is totally natural, has a natural, so each crocodile pattern is unique. Materials from different parts of the a crocodile, output of strap pattern is different.
3。 Inside the crocodile big bamboo texture, there are many small irregular texture. It is also a natural leather from machine pressure texture characteristic. However, machine pressure lines is a rigid lines, lines on both sides is the imitation of crocodile skin cutin 'bumpy' black stripes.

of course, the crocodile leather strap belongs to watch belt of luxury. Focused more on the appearance of elegant and calfskin strap as a substitute for the crocodile leather strap, more people choose to make watchband, calfskin strap supplier, will try to make small leather look more like a crocodile leather strap, at least in the case of a new product will be more like. This is crocodile and calf gap looks very small.
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