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How to identify imported leather strap and domestic leather strap?

by:Simai     2020-10-18
Our daily mainly divided into two categories, collectively known as leather imported leather strap and domestic leather watch strap. And leather mainly include: the green husk, half green husk, wax skin, cow hide, buffalo hide, skin and pig skin on the second floor.

the green husk: full grain leather, it is made up of leather processing from the finest raw materials, less disability, intact natural grain kept on. Thin coating, can show a natural decorative pattern of skin beauty, wear resistant, good ventilation; All green husk is directly to the blue skin temperature Rou system of dyeing, and refused to too many chemicals, so skin table can clearly see fine pores, authenticity, permeability is good, price is the most expensive in the cortex species, but not in leather-making process cumbersome and chemical materials more expensive, but on the quality of thick skin, different from ordinary skin: all green husk is in optional leather embryo must choose captive, and by castrated bull leather, because bull leather fibre is a whole, and a larger picture, the most important thing is that in captivity, the leather face scar is less, is selected on the production of high-grade leather, the second is in terms of manufacturing, the overall effect is more noble, elegant! All green husk can only import, the Chinese do not such a process! All green husk is one of the best in Italian leather, rare in the market.

half green husk: grinding machine is used to change the surface finishing after light grinding, pressure on the corresponding pattern, coating thin, wear-resisting, permeability is good, also is a kind of meaning skin half green husk, the skin is common, especially high-grade furniture.
cow leather: relative half green, coating thickness, surface light grinding is deeper, to a disability or a rough 'cosmetic' natural cowhide, wear-resisting, permeability is worse than a half green. 0. 9 to 1. 0 mm for thin skin, 1. 3 to 3. 0 mm range for thick skin; Cow is divided into two layers, the first layer is cow leather, said most of the imported leather sofa is this kind of leather, cow leather is the best in the domestic leather, good cow leather with imported leather, with poor quality.

buffalo hide: the second floor of the leather is the buffalo hide, buffalo hide pore bulky, feel soft and greasy, has a strong smell of leather!

preserved skin: ( Wear resistance, permeability) Similar effect with half green husk, it specially processed and special process, and present a different color by different tensile effect; La is outermost layer of skin is a kind of style is very special leather, it will change color and have antique effect, is a kind of 'old' effect as a whole.

skin: on the second floor with a piece of leather machine cutting layer and, after finishing or lamination process, such as fastness, poor wear resistance. Broken skin polished, again with glue, is on the second floor skin, skin tend to be hard on the second floor, feel bad, stank of thick crack.

domestic leather: cow hide, buffalo hide, second floor leather, pigskin.

leather generally caused by cowhide, divided into imported leather, domestic leather two categories; Imported leather can be subdivided into imported Italian leather and tiger skin, imported Italian leather, Italy) Than imported leather ( Thailand) The better.
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