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How to identify imported leather strap?

by:Simai     2020-10-18
Imported leather strap is refers to the natural leather, processed by animal skins. Fake leather is synthetic leather, or other seemingly dermis, actual it is by the chemical raw materials of synthetic products. Since the emergence of synthetic leather has been simulated to imitate natural leather, after years of efforts, has on various features and natural leather is very close, especially in appearance almost makes it difficult to distinguish. But the structure is very complicated natural leather, artificial seamlessly to imitate, or under the present condition is very difficult, even impossible. Although sometimes fake leather 'genuine', but the differential method, is true and false leather can be distinguished:
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1, see: first of all should be leather decorative pattern, the respect such as pore to identify, can see on the face of the natural leather decorative pattern, pore does exist, and the distribution is not uniform, the opposite has animal fiber, the lateral section, level clearly discernible, have lower animal fiber, scrape will appear with a fingernail leather fiber, have the feeling of raising, a small amount of fiber can also fell off, can see fabric and synthetic leather the reverse side, the side without the animal fiber, general skin without pores, but there are some imitation leather artificial pores, there will be not obvious pores exist, some decorative pattern is not obvious, or has the rules of artificial decorative pattern, pore is consistent. Natural leather shape is irregular, the thickness is not uniform, the surface is often more or less have some natural incomplete, or light or heavy, its surface is smooth and detailed degree is differ, general abdominal relaxation and leather are all obvious pores and decorative pattern, generally have a pile in the leather. And synthetic leather uniform thickness, smooth surface, no natural incomplete, its pores and decorative pattern is very uniform, generally no pile in the leather.

for leather products, more difficult to distinguish between true and false leather, especially in the area is small, the structure tightly, can't see the inside of the leather, distinguish method for this kind of product is:

( 1) Look at the appearance, quality of a material is uniform, disability, coarse grain, without any defects may be artificial leather; And real leather texture have some differences, especially the leather as the main parts and the secondary parts of junction difference should be obvious.

( 2) Again carefully observe the pore distribution and shape: natural leather hole should not be much and deep bottom, slightly oblique; And pore is obvious vertical may be modified leather synthetic leather.

( 3) Look from the transverse section, cross-sectional fiber has its own characteristics of natural leather, fiber thickness in each layer has a change. Basic uniform and synthetic leather fiber layers, a layer of plastic shaped surface.
2, touch: leather touch, smooth, soft, plump, elastic, leather face down was bent 90 degrees or so there will be a natural folds, respectively at different positions of the bend, the fold line thickness, how many, have obvious uneven, basic can be concluded that this was a genuine leather, because real leather with TianRanXing uneven fiber tissue, thus forming the crease lines also have obvious uneven performance. And general artificial synthetic leather surface hair acerbity, rigid, poor flexibility, feel like plastic, resilience is poorer, bending down to how many fold line thickness is similar.

3, sniffing: natural leather has a very thick fur, even after treatment, the taste is more apparent, and artificial leather products, the smell of plastic, no taste of fur.

4, other detection methods
( 1) Drop test: absorbent strong apparent for natural leather, vice may for artificial leather.

( 2) Tension and elasticity test: natural leather has good elasticity and tension, and vice is artificial leather.

( 3) Blow test: can be trained on the reverse of the leather belt saliva, blowing a leakage on the front and it is because the leather with this 'adverse performance', when you put on the leather, warm effect is very obvious, and formed the good air permeability, it fully embodies the value of the leather.

( 4) Combustion identification method: mainly sniff coke smell and see ash state, natural leather produces a burning hair smell when burning, burning into ashes generally easy to break into powder, and artificial leather, combustion flame is also flourishing, after shrinking rapidly, and has a bad plastic smell, sticky after burn, after cooling hardening into a block.
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