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How to identify the real crocodile leather strap?

by:Simai     2020-10-22
Sell on the market has a variety of leather strap, including: crocodile, lizard skin, ostrich skin, pearl skin, cowhide, sharkskin, etc. Part of this soft strap, such as rubber belt, silicone tape, nylon tape, etc. While we are today, we mainly discuss the crocodile leather strap and leather strap, because the two strap is the most commonly used.
to identify the real crocodile leather strap skills
in the alligator strap on market is divided into two kinds: one kind is alligator skin strap, there are alligators in Mississippi. Another is kay alligator strap. behind English usually Caimen, or Genuine Crocodile, are identified. These two kinds of alligator strap, strap is more upscale alligators in the americas. Characteristic is, crocodile grain with large corrugated lines or grid lines is given priority to, the grain finished strap like bamboo, band bending have waiting lines, very soft wrist. It is very important, thought crocodile so rough thick, certainly is much hard than leather, more strong, but in fact not, cowhide instead more hard, more strong. And alligator skin strap grain regularity is good, mainly divided into large bamboo, bamboo grain combined with checkered, or circle lines. So, relative alligators, kay door crocodile lines, some not rules, is usually more disorderly, senior watch seldom used door crocodile, kay kay door alligator strap is thinner, suitable for small and thin wrist watch, alligator skin, is different, it is suitable for all kinds of thick, complex, large bowl of table.
first the concept of 'the type' : to observe the crocodile leather watch strap, mainly from the positive observation, combined with the 'positive and negative sides. Watch what? To see a crocodile grain. Real crocodile skin texture is usually irregular, if you buy the crocodile leather strap, you can take the crocodile leather strap, if a few all leather strap lines in different, so is a crocodile leather watch strap possibility is very large, if the leather strap is the same pattern, is likely to be a crocodile leather strap, leather crocodile grain leather is a style pattern, and the crocodile leather strap is different.
the second is, in the crocodile lines the inside of the rings, like the palmprint, there are many tiny grain, once again, the crocodile tall bamboo grain longitudinal edge, there are a lot of irregular small grain. Leather crocodile grain is a piece of black bumps. And the bamboo grain leather crocodile grain clearer. A lot like leather strap watch, bought the steel belt also want with a leather strap, or directly to buy leather strap. Buy the original, the quality is of course, but the price is expensive, generally in 2000, and gold.

the table rows are written with imported leather strap counter, its quality is better than a lot of domestic crocodile leather strap. But compared with the original alligator belt, not a hierarchy. The original is mostly produced in Germany or France. Some German alligator strap is better.

at present, domestic also can not reach this level:

1, the thickness. From the leather strap texture, leather watch strap is light, feel the texture is not strong. The thickness of the original belt is very thick, not only is the filler part of, joint end also is very thick.

2, original belt are mostly manual package edge, precision degree is high. See can distinguish different stitches.

crocodile precious, rare and unique aesthetic value, can highlight the user more noble identity and unique taste. Alligator skin texture, texture and feel has obvious different with other leather, it has a unique wild beauty, can satisfy people's point stimulation and daydream.

from the overall, the American crocodile skin texture is better, the surface of the lattice bamboo stereo sense is strong, have a sense of pieces of peel like scales, the swagger.

look from small, each bamboo direct lateral clearance, successively is 'bamboo', in which there are numerous fine lines and wrinkles, delicate and clear; And although the cowhide after embossing can produce the effect of bamboo, but no matter how realistic texture, and no American crocodile, natural fine texture. This is also the main way to identify true American crocodile!
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