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How to replace the watch band?

How to replace the watch band?


Nowadays, more and more people like to wear watches, but if the watch is worn for a long time, the watch band will be broken. At this time, many people will wonder, how to change the watch band? Below, Simai watch bands manufacturers explain common ways to replace watch bands.

Alternatively watch bands method

If it is a leather watch band, you can follow the following methods:

First remove the original watchband, break the watchband, observe the rods on the lugs, the double-layered raised part is stuck with the red part in the yellow frame of the tool, and the watchband can be taken out by pressing down. Using the flat side of the tool, place one end of the thin rod into the shallower groove in the watch. Then use the tool to hold down the other end, poke it into the watch band, move it left and right, the thin rod head will automatically pop into the deeper groove, and do the same on the other side.

If it is a steel watch band, you can follow the following methods:

We first measure the watch band, put the watch band around the wrist, and add the number of overlapping sections to the number of sections to be removed. Then remove the cover on the edge of the surface layer, put the watchband on the desktop, find the place to be removed, pull the part of the surface edge of the watchband, and open the cover on the bottom edge. Turn the watch band over and pull the layer that covers the edge of the watch band.

Remove the excess watch band, and gently slide the watch band section outwards, the ones to be removed will easily be separated. Then reassemble the watch band links. To put the watch band back, you must tighten both sides of the watch band section to pull back both covers on the edge.

watch band

How to clean the leather watch band?

Use hand cream

For example, we use calfskin watch bands every day, and it is the first layer of skin, then some moderate oily hand cream can also be used for maintenance. There is some dust on it that can be wiped off directly, and then you can also use hand cream for maintenance. This maintenance effect will be better.

Special cleaner

I don’t know how to clean the leather watch band. We can also choose some special cleaners. There are also many cleaners for leather watch bands on the Internet, so that you can clean it directly and avoid other problems with the watch band. . Especially for some watch bands made of crocodile leather, it is not recommended to clean them casually.

Use hydrogen peroxide

If the watch has been worn for a long time and there are some dirty areas, then you can also try to use a little bit of hydrogen peroxide, but you must add water to ensure the ratio of 1:10, and then use a brush to simply brush it. Many people want to know how to clean a leather watch band because there are serious stains on the leather. You can clean it in an appropriate proportion.

Professional organization cleaning

If the watch list is not too badly damaged, but dirty, and we don’t know how to clean the leather watch band, in fact, we can go directly to some watch maintenance organizations for maintenance. In this way, the maintenance effect of the watch band is better, and it will be easier to extend its service life. In particular, watch bands made of crocodile leather and other materials are indeed expensive, and it is better to be cleaned and maintained by a dedicated person.

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