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How to use smart wristwatch?

by:Simai     2020-10-23
The use of smart wristwatch
smart watches with other traditional watches can rival the power of more and more get of consumer love. Smart watches on the market now accounts for the proportion of also more and more big, so we should pay attention to when we wear smart wristwatch what, how can we wear a smart watches, now for everyone to do one by one by our professionals.

a, watch strap elastic degree

table position should be located in carpal bone, baggy left his watch in hand on the back of wearing ugly, also due to the loose touch table. Slack about can insert your little finger is OK, whatever product like your watch, please keep the exterior clean, or table behind and strap in hidden filled with dirt, would be very disrespectful.

2, in the left wrist to

believe that most people habitually took the watch to wear in the left wrist, and facing out, table put down, and it also belongs to the normal situation; Didn't claim must be limited to fixed belt where the hand and watch wearing specific orientation. I have seen a lot of women, although the watch is with his left hand, but the table disk, perhaps heart is fine, so that bring better protect watches, to avoid accidentally knock against.

3, right wrist up

actually can also be taken in the right wrist watches, just in order to facilitate viewing time, table should upward, also on the right hand, table disk have outward and inward orientation. This is related to personal habits, may also with character, may also with left-handed, generally speaking, the watch have needed in the activity, relatively little wrist this watch by vibration and impact is relatively small, is good for traveltime precision and protect the appearance of the watch. Four, radiation protection,

many people have the habit of sleep wear smart watches, actually such adverse to watch maintenance and human health. Expert analysis, said the watch luminous watches have a laser radiation, in particular, the amount is minimal, but long-term accumulation of total no benefit to the body. Mobile phone on the pillow is also wrong, because the release of the mobile phone has a different wavelength and frequency of electromagnetic wave, the formation of an electronic fog, although minimal, but for the interference of the nervous system or not. From a security point of view, a transformer of electrical appliances, it is better to let them try to 30 centimeters away from the head of a bed, such as audio, electronic clock, dimming type desk lamp of the head of a bed, charger, etc. , to prevent the waves of these things for a long time close to the body, close contact is easy to make human body hormonal changes.

5, men and women wear watches

the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, in the person's double wrist has a known as the 'cunkou', an area linked to the human body three pulse points 'inch - Clearance - Feet ', the three points of arteries and veins, have greatly relations with the people's health. They distributed in the right hand wrist and thumb underneath. As long as the weight according to the Chinese pulse-taking ( Sink) In accordance with (, To take) Or light ( Float to take) These parts, use forefinger hold the pulse points in just a few seconds, you can get everything you want to know the status of the body, can measure the status of the insides. Chinese ancient medicine thinks, be in 'inch - Clearance - Feet 'parts to contain the health and the secret of success in life. When the pulse is clear, uniform strong, indicating that people energetic, happy, perseverance, hardships and stand hard work. Is the most critical part of the 'inch', because it is 'heart' of the corresponding situation.

watch men and women different: it is interesting to note that a man and a woman of pulse phase point distribution on different hands, a man on the left hand, while women are on the right hand. Medicine believes that the reasons for this phenomenon lies in the man's blood from the heart endings to the left, while women, on the other hand. Thus reached an important conclusion: if a man put a table on the left hand, no matter the watch strap is made of what material, gold, silver, plastic or leather, etc. , affect the normal work of the heart, and women are very lucky, no change will be a table on the left hand on the habit.

the above mentioned pulse phase effect of traditional Chinese medicine, also look only a general statement. And actually watch effects on our body is very small. And more, people can according to their own habits should take which hand to watch. Many friends put a label on the left hand is for the sake of convenience, but also has a few 'left-handed' like hand watch strap on the right hand.
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