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Leather band how to distinguish?

by:Simai     2020-10-17
Many friends all like wrist watch with leather watch strap, but also can appear some confusion. Leather band how to recognize it is one of the most common problem, so how to distinguish genuine leather band?
what is cowhide, nature is create with a small animal fur leather is leather, but the leather is also have many classes.
leather band identify skills
head skin: head skin can be divided into grain rolling face skin, soft roll face, edge material, and the best yes real leather, therefore can often see some shops on the Internet will be cried out, 'the first layer of real leather' title. And those words again, can is divided into the head skin, secondary head skin, triple head skin.
2 skin: skin actually count half true half false skin on the second floor, because it is with cow leather after crushing of tailings material, adding high pressure polyethylene materials bonded and leather goods again, then through chemical materials paint or knead made of PVC, PU plastic film production and processing. And can also be divided into differentiation, level 1, level 2, level 3.
head skin, known as 'pushing down on the net, have creases, is, of course, after wearing leather folds. Not prone to rupture after wear. 'That is the first layer of skin, and I also have a very little way of evaluation, because you bought a leather goods, are likely to press, not easy to exert oneself to have a look at whether or not true, because if it is leather, the price is not good, can according to the repair is also an unknown quantity, but occupied method is: the first:
to smell, cowhide is the taste of a different kind of cortex, the flavor is likely to have to a little work experience can smell out, but if it is leather, one will have a different kind of fragrance smell, so you will also feel suddenly to it's leather.
the second: to look, as if it was made out of leather, the cow leather layer above there are a lot of little little little round hole, this is because the leather fur has a cellular blood hole above, and production and processing is difficult to get rid of the little round hole, except in the cortex cover a layer above items, the good little good small hole, must carefully to see.
the third: nature is the most reluctant to use method, is roasted with fire, and this method is not recommended to use, because will destroy cortex, cowhide is not easy to burn knot hard bumps, and artificial leather is hard bumps will grow.
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