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Maintenance of imported leather strap?

by:Simai     2020-10-19
In the usual life, believe there are a lot of people are used to import leather strap! So we know how import genuine leather strap needs maintenance can make the import leather strap use longer? Now by our professionals to do one by one.

imported leather strap maintenance method and cortex of other things, the most taboo leather strap is water, for a long period of time in the water, leather strap will harden brittle, including people's sweat. So never able to wearing a leather strap watch go swimming ( Or do the contact with water for a long time) Sweat soaked retting, for a long time, it can make the strap mould stale. If special love sweating, it is not suitable for wearing a leather strap. In addition to the hot season, are suitable for wearing a leather strap, so many people have two metal and leather strap, in the cold day for epithelium, the change of metal in the summer. And compare carefully, to watch the original import strap off, and with domestic quite a strap to substitute other specifications, these all can yet be regarded as a coup.
in strong sunlight for a long time, can make the leather strap surface color decoloring, also can accelerate the aging of cortical, certain chemicals will make the strap surface color change color or discoloration; And wear pull too hard, often fixed position in strap also prone to cracks, ( The bigger the easy fracture band bending rate) So wearing a strap should also be careful as light slow some. Two edges better strap, strap is sewn thread; Low some basic are use glue to close, strap touch water, Sweat) Or after mildew, which does closed position is the most easy to glue. Does if found to have glue or surface cracks have appeared, will immediately change, in case of lost because of this table.
clean leather strap, can use a damp soft cloth 'detergent' to wipe the surface of the temperature zone and then quickly dry cloth stained with water, then dry in a cool place. General leather oil can be used for leather strap and maintenance, it is best to every one month after strap to wipe clean, and then use 'be' ( A common leather protectant) Do some cleaning maintenance. Similarly, violent sunlight mapping over a long period of time, can make the leather strap appearance color decoloring, will also accelerate the aging of the leather strap cortex, certain chemical reagent will discolor the leather strap color change color or appearance; And wear leather watch strap moments too with the pull of the strength, the leather strap fixed position is often difficult to manifest, ( The bigger the easily broken leather strap buckling rate) So wear a leather strap, it is best action gentle some caution.
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