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Smart wristwatch long?

by:Simai     2020-10-19
When you buy back smart watch strap is too long, how to do? That depends on you what kind of strap is. If your strap is not metal, it will be very easy, as long as adjust the watch strap pin position is ok. That if it is metal, then according to the method to adjust.
the adjustment method of intelligent wristwatch long
step one: make sure the small arrow on the back strap, watch strap to be included in the table slot, and keep down the list of steel strap of pinhole, forcibly tighten, connecting strap steel needle is out, and then with a small tongs.
step 2: remove the strap to the right wrist size.
step 3: connect broken bracelet, will steel twist in it.
how to distinguish identify strap is imported leather strap? 1, the hand

use hand to touch leather surface, such as smooth, feel is real leather soft, plump, elastic; And general synthetic leather surface hair acerbity, rigid, poor flexibility.

2, see

real leather surface has the clear pore, decorative pattern, cow leather has the symmetry of the pores, yak skin to have the rent and the thin pore, pore of goat has been designed.
3, we smell the

all leather leather smell; The man-made leather has excitant strong plastic smell.

4, lit

from real leather and artificial leather back off a bit of fiber, lighting, all of the nose smells, forming a knot in one's man-made leather; Every hair smells, does not produce hard bumps is genuine leather.

5, bibulous identification

good water imbibition, on the surface of the leather and fake leather, by contrast, has good water resistance. Can dip in with finger some water, wipe on the strap on the surface, the water was observed, such as good water imbibition, for leather, poor or no water absorption, water imbibition mostly fake leather.
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