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Smart wristwatch to adjust how long?

by:Simai     2020-10-20
Actually about how to take smart wristwatch can fit, overall is comfortable to wear and security. There are several issues to consider:
( 1) The material of strap.
( 2) The quality of the watches, size, and its thickness.
( 3) Shape characteristics of the wearer's wrist.
( 4) The wearer work types and habits.

generally have the following several ways:

1, some people have very slender wrists, especially women, this would require the truncated and remove a lot of band festival, to take discounts 'metal strap' ( Hook) Of left and right sides is symmetrical, cut short need to consider. And shell conjoined metal strap and some more 'plate' strap ( Such as the overall ceramic) Shortened after becomes a larger curvature and easy to fold strap surface crack, and the larger the length of the strap section, to short to wear ugly, that is to say that people should try to choose leather and rubber strap watch brands.
2, some wrist is very thick, it may wear also need longer strap, the general rule should be left and right sides is symmetrical, made after the closing watch strap discount is located in the center.

3, more troublesome is the wrist, thick but taper is bigger, so it is not easy to find a suitable length, live is not easy to stay on the wrist watches, tightening up to down and loose, such person is suitable for thin and strap watch. Attention:

in general, wear a watch, wrist and strap can plug into a fingernail (between Except the thumb) , there is such a gap, would feel not loose not tight, more comfortable. When the diameter of the watch is bigger and heavier, more suitable for the leather strap or solid core metal strap, such ability to watch will have a support control. Now watch has a tendency to increase the thickening. Diameter is large and heavy watch, wear upper position should be a little of your wrists, in order to prevent the table to cough up the back of hand, or put the watch palm surface wear. Exercise more at ordinary times like a man, should have the strap adjustment appropriate tighter.
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