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The material of smart wristwatch generally have?

by:Simai     2020-10-16
Now smart wristwatch material variety, do you know what are generally? Now by our professionals to do one by one the interpretation of intelligent material generally what wristwatch.
smart wristwatch material
1, corrosion resistant material strap metal band: stainless steel

stainless steel as its name implies is just inside the essence, also is the so-called white steel strap. Most watches are now using the material of the strap, the advantage is that it is durable, sure there is easy to scratch. 316 l stainless steel is stainless steel, corrosion resistance is very strong, simple sense is very good. 904 l stainless steel is a kind of heat resistant stainless steel alloy, as much as 21% of chromium alloy content, make its corrosion resistance equivalent to that of the precious metal materials.

2, corrosion resistant material band: precious metal strap

precious metal strap these strap work is careful, is usually a platinum, K gold, silver and other precious metals materials, the price is more expensive, it is mainly used for configuration of high-grade watches, such as jewelry watches, watches, etc. , suitable for a certain as to the identity of the person in more high-end occasions to wear, let a person more temperament, and literacy can reflect a person's status. Band:
3, corrosion resistant material ceramic strap

ceramic watch strap is bright and clean, wear-resisting, not hurt the skin, the main ingredient is zirconia, under the condition of a certain temperature to obtain a good processability, again through the use of advanced processing methods, made into fine watchcase, strap, all sorts of color can also be through a particular way, more show luxuriant nobility. High-tech ceramics are extremely fine zirconium oxide or titanium carbide powder, the powder with high pressure injection mould, in 1450 degrees centigrade high temperature sintering furnace form is not easy to wear ceramic components; With a polished diamond powder. Of course it will be as fragile as tungsten steel.

4, corrosion resistant material band: rubber band

it can not only resistant to high temperature and low temperature, from minus 90 degrees Celsius to above 300 degrees Celsius zero is not bad, but also has a strong water resistance and corrosion resistance, there will be no bacterial growth, the most important thing is that it can achieve decades of life, is one of the preferred material strap.

5, corrosion resistant material band: leather watch strap

leather strap material is mainly derived from the animal's skin. Such as crocodile, lizard skin, ostrich skin, cowhide, sheepskin, etc. , variety is more, of course the price difference is big! Use genuine leather watch strap need to pay attention to moisture, sweat corrosion prevention and avoid contact with corrosive substance, such as maintenance is relatively difficult.
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