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The silicone strap how should maintain

by:Simai     2020-10-13

did you watch friends friends contact silicone strap, this kind of strap more commonly used in wrist watches and scuba diving. Itself has many advantages, in recent years more popular in the market. However the silicone watch maintenance is different from the leather strap and metal strap. So how do the silicone strap to maintain? Let introduce to you today.

silicone strap material is adopted by the solid silica gel, after molding, vulcanization suppression and become, clasp is usually by metal or plastic material. Silicone watchbands itself has certain tension and flexible, comfortable, bright colors, environmental protection will not cause harm to the skin, strap can be arbitrary to deformation and immediately restore later, silicone strap watch is one of the table is popular in recent years.

the silicone strap with wear resistance, deformation, non-toxic, tasteless, no side effect to human body characteristics and soft, no crack, long service life and do not stimulate the skin, is one of the green environmental protection silicone accessories. If you are using silicone strap watch or plan to purchase silicone strap watch, will pay attention to several issues and maintenance.

1, please do not put the watch near the fire temperature, silicone watch strap primary threat is high temperature, high temperature will make the watch strap surface melt.

2, sweat, stains, etc will bring bad hidden trouble to the silicone strap, ensure the cleanness of strap is particularly important. Dust, water, such as watches with delicate cotton cloth to wipe dry.

3, should pay attention to when wearing the watch, even if the silicone table has certain ductility and flexibility, also want to caution light, force is too large and the possibility of damage exists.

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