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Timex Timex leather strap maintenance

by:Simai     2020-10-23

Timex Timex watch of strap can be more refined belt and belt, leather strap maintenance is very important. Make a detailed and the graceful leather strap has been welcomed by many table fan. Daily use, leather strap must be good to do maintenance, otherwise it will give you the wearing effect of big discounts! How to maintain Timex Timex watch band?

1。 When strap produce peculiar smell, with a toothbrush with a bit of soap and water, scrubbing the dirt quickly, with a slightly damp cloth to wipe again can. The whole process to avoid soap water seeping into the cortex, the best is completed in 20 seconds. Additional oil consumers can also put some in the strap, leather, leather oil has protective effect to the strap, can let more complete maintenance work.

how to solve the problem of belt hard:

1. Don't twist it when strap hardening, timely replacement watch strap is absolutely necessary.

2。 Suggest that consumers didn't wear a belt in the winter, summer or after motion is easy to sweat, can not wear don't wear, if want to wear also want to put on again, wiping the sweat in order to prolong the service life of leather watch strap.

3。 Belt material is various, generally can be divided into a crocodile, lizard, ostrich skin, shark skin and leather, etc. , no matter what kind of material to wear for a long time will have bad smell, so is really clean and dry belt maintenance way

4. If the strap wet should immediately to dry cloth, if there is dust should be brushed with cloth (also If it is dry after a wet cloth is clean) 。 In addition, if long time the sun will also cause strap metamorphism, also need to pay attention to.

5。 Don't always wear a belt table, such as more than two tables can replace the best. Cortex needs to breathe, ventilated environment can prolong the service life of strap, wearing a different band, not only can reduce the risk of human injury, strap can get sufficient rest.

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