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Valeo wristwatch how to maintain?

by:Simai     2020-10-14

the busy city, like wearing a valeo growing watch friends, a good watch not only make us more tasteful, but also present a different fashion charm. Valeo most watches can use genuine leather strap, a lot of friends to valeo maintenance of watch straps do not understand. Bad maintenance can make the strap is damaged. Here is to introduce a branch Leo wristwatch how to maintain it.

due to the leather strap to wear comfortable, currently on the market many brands of valeo watch some design adopt the genuine leather strap, leather strap refers to the use of cowhide, sheepskin, crocodile skin head layer and layer made of leather watch strap, and on the market a lot of the inferior quality of PU, imitation leather watch strap, let alone any maintenance. Genuine leather strap to wear comfortable, but if you don't pay attention to daily maintenance, will decrease the time of the strap, generally is the genuine leather strap, if proper care, wear 2 - Three years is not a problem, so if in daily life, the French valeo wristwatch for maintenance? Please follow the following tips, can prolong the service life of your valeo watch strap.

1, in the summer, some people are more likely to sweat, valeo tend to inhale the sweat on the back of watches, time is long, because of the sweat contains large amounts of salt, will strap on the back of the color is darker, corrosive damage eventually appear, so if it is love sweating, advice on a hot summer day, or as little as possible wear leather watch strap watch valeo, if in and out of the car, or in the city have air conditioning, temperature is not high, the problem is not too big.

2, valeo watches use after a period of time, as well as leather, leather sofa, the need for regular maintenance, want to buy some leather maintenance, regular leather surface, wipe the valeo watch time interval is 2 - almost 3 months 1 time, often use skin cream wipe the maintenance can not only make the appearance of the leather strap is more good-looking, but also can prolong the life time of the strap.

3, because the southern climate is moist, a lot of things will be moldy, leather products more fear of the mould, because leather inside, it's easy to absorb water molecules in the air, if valeo watches when not wearing, packaging is bad, often easy to cause strap mould, valeo proposal is not worn the watch, it is best to valeo watch kept sealed, placed in the place of the temperature and humidity relatively appropriate.

4, some valeo watch have waterproof function, 30 meters, 50 meters, and even more than 100 meters, but valeo watch waterproof, does not represent waterproof leather strap, some people think valeo wristwatch is waterproof, so the water in some occasions, still wore valeo watch, strap bibulous, mildew and bulge phenomenon occurring over time.

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