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What is a leather strap?

by:Simai     2020-10-17
Leather strap elegant, trendy fashion, very popular, but what exactly is this cortex skin?

1, the interpretation of leather strap cow leather material

in watch manufacture industry, the real leather is one of the precious and main use common material, is assembling a list of the new weapons and equipment. Not crimped wire real leather, relatively good and the price is low, its feature is that not all lines, simple and easy cleanly, a bit plain, but was mainly in assembling a list of refined aura.

2, crocodile material
in the world of leather strap, equipped with alligator strap watch is remarkable. Alligator watch strap texture clear and detailed, cortex smoothness is good, unique crocodile domineering sliding sideways and show ego, bring you is a kind of impressive elegant aura and deep inside the heart of the king. Because the quantity of crocodile is relatively less, and the maintenance cost and the difficulty coefficient is higher, and alligator belt ZhenGuiXing obviously, watch at the top is the necessary choice.

3, lizard skin material
a lizard skin texture is general and exquisite, white sesame during reveals a beautiful and refined extraordinary aura, relativity for crocodile skin more cater to carpus, cost-effective but also higher than crocodile skin, this kind of material is getting more and more well-known brands of care and choose. Nowadays, this kind of raw materials are often used in the middle and high class lady wrist watch.

4, sheep skin material

says to the sheep skin, starters, who are generally thought to lady wrist watch, sheep skin is one of the most common raw materials in the women's belt form, the characteristics of mission for the special care for girl. It is not hard to see, the little sheep's softness how unique it is slim.

above base is currently on the market the actual material of several common leather watch strap.
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