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Why are crocodile leather strap so precious?

by:Simai     2020-10-21
phyletic and various, some people may ask what the crocodile leather strap on why so precious? Now by our professionals to do one by one.
alligator watch strap for precious
( 1) Scarce

crocodile is rare scarcity in the whole world, as a rare, precious and special species, as a result of selective breeding conditions, and the complex of breeding technology, it can't be like cattle, a large number of breeding and production, its output is very few.

( 2) Enduring

as king in the leather, crocodile skin, no doubt is affordable, unlike cow leather, crocodile leather has a biggest characteristic, in the process of use, the gloss not with the passage of time and faded, bleak, with the longer can give its own natural luster, so no matter how long, still enduring.

( 3) Leather difficulty is very big

those who can master the crocodile skin perfect craft, globally will not more than 50. Complexity of the technology it is hard to imagine that it is not like the leather surface is so smooth, to handle the technical requirement is not so strict, crocodile skin due to the nature of itself, from the early, mid - to late, each stage requires a set of perfect technology. Independently, and interlocking, a link is wrong, you get the effect of the difference is very big, why to say every crocodile leather is unique, because each crocodile never repeat the grain and unified process every piece of leather which effect is unique. A crocodile leather craft, has been the global leather industry is committed to attack the problem.
alligator strap can use how long?

crocodile leather strap than calfskin strap, it is also the consumables, say strong besides metal strap, good quality rubber strap is also more durable; Often wear crocodile strap in 2 ~ 3 years of life. If the strap use 'butterfly clasp, situation better; If it is as is the needle into the eye and belt, most easily from the part of the bending crack. Crocodile of platinum in leather, is famous for its luxurious rarity. This not only because of scarcity, but the crocodile growth speed slow and high production cost, and can be used as crocodile is limited to the crocodile, narrow part of the abdomen. Crocodile skin beauty in its natural gradient grid lines, although the lack of flexibility, but the quality of a material is very strong, have a saying is as long as the proper care alligator will use more and more luster, more with more flexible, so the crocodile leather strap of of course became the darling of the numerous stars.
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